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Year 6

Summer 1


The 1st May (May Day) is the time of year when warmer weather begins and flowers and trees start to blossom.  People around the country get together to celebrate the coming of summer with joys of different customs that are expressions of joy and hope after a long winter.  Traditional English May Day celebrations include Morris dancing, a May Queen and dancing round a Maypole - this is where our Year 6 children come in! 

    On Tuesday 1st May, Year 6 opened our whole school May Day Celebrations with a traditional Maypole dance.  The dance took a considerable amount of concentration and the children have been learning the dance since February.  Once the rest of the school had performed their own celebratory dances, Year 6 then closed the afternoon with a second performance.





Spring 1




As part of their PE curriculum, Year 6 have been learning lots of new skills related to the game of hockey.  They have practised using different types of passes e.g. ‘pushes’ and ‘hits’ and to what effect.  They have experienced trying to pass the ball to a moving target and have been learning how to safely attack and defend.  In addition to these skills and techniques, the children have also been practising dribbling with their hockey ball; keeping it under close control.  The children enjoyed putting all of these skills into practice by playing mini games against each other.




Autumn 2



As part of their History work, Year 6 have been learning about World War II.  War was declared in 1939 and lasted for 5 years.  VE day (known as Victory in Europe) was declared in 1945 when Britain received a formal acceptance by the Allies of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces.

Year 6 began the topic by learning about why war broke out; they have listened to Neville Chamberlain’s famous speech, stating that Britain was at war with Germany because German troops were not taken out of Poland.

The children have spent time looking at The Blitz and what it meant for Britain, in particular London.  Over the course of some art lessons, the children made some Blitz pictures using their colour mixing skills and collage work.

The silhouette buildings stand out beautifully against the fire-lit skies!



Autumn 1



As part of their Science work, Year 6 have been looking at light and how we see objects.  They have found out that light is a type of energy known as electromagnetic radiation. It is made up of photons (little particles of energy).

Light waves travel out from sources of light in straight lines. These lines are often called rays or beams of light.  These rays of light travel from a light source and hit objects around us.

The rays of light reflect, or bounce, off an object, and then travel into our eyes.  This reflection of light allows us to see the object.

In addition, Year 6 have also been learning about how mirrors reflect light.  The light ray that hits the mirror or other object is described as the incident ray, and the ray of light that bounces off is known as the reflected ray.  When rays of light reflect, they obey the law of reflection: The angle of incidence always equals the angle of reflection.

Using this knowledge, Year 6 have been making periscopes.