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Year 3

Summer 1


As part of our History topic this term, Year 3 have been learning about life in the Stone Age. We have created our own cave paintings of animals and handprints using pastels in Art, as well as researching and writing an information text all about the time period. We particularly enjoyed seeing all of the amazing Stone Age houses made from all of the children. Later on in the term, we will be trying recipes based on Stone Age foods.


Spring 1



Over the last few weeks, Year 3 children have been focusing their interests on all things 'World' related. They have been trying new types of Art work, from Peru, India and Australia, as well as making totem poles out of Modroc. The children's research skills have helped create persuasive holiday information leaflets about many countries around the world. Following on from this, they have been using Animation programmes to create Morph-style short films and voice-over films.



Autumn 2



Over this term in our Science lessons, Year 3 have been learning all about what they look like on the inside of their body by exploring different types of skeletons throughout the natural world. They were able to locate many bones from around the body and have started to learn the scientific names for some of them. The children particularly enjoyed trying to put Mr Skeleton (the teacher) back together - although he did lose his head on a number of occasions.


Autumn 1



What a busy start to the term we have had in Year 3. We have been finding out all about the Romans and trying to  bring it to life throughout many of our other lessons. We have learnt to draw faces and create mosaic tile pictures as well as starting to write our own computer games involving Roman soldiers. Our mirror investigations in Science, literally had us going round in circles trying to follow lines on the floor by looking at the mirror reflection above our heads. In the next few weeks, we will be taking part in a Spelling Bee competition in our house teams, having learnt 40 difficult spellings. The final team have the daunting task of competing against the Key Stage 2 teachers and Mrs Whitelaw, our Head Teacher. We cannot wait!