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Year 1

Summer 1



Our ‘On Safari’ topic focused on Geographical knowledge. The children became explorers as they found out about the people, wildlife, weather and landscapes of Kenya. They learned where Africa is on a map, pretended to take an aeroplane flight there and took part in a variety of fun activities to help them learn about Kenya and compare it to the UK. Here are some of the children with their African Sunset pictures, which they created by mixing colours together.


Spring 1




The Year 1 children enjoyed listening to and taking part in a story told by a visiting storyteller. They could not wait to get inside the storyteller’s glitzy tent and once inside found twinkling lights and soft rugs. The story was about IImariries, the blacksmith from Finnish mythology. The children took part in the story by making shadows, shapes and colours on the walls of the tent, using an overhead projector. The tent became very noisy as the children clapped and used spoons to bang a tin tray in time with a rhythm, until the lights became dimmer and dimmer and the tent became completely dark!



Autumn 2



As part of their topic, “Turrets, Tiaras and the Enchanted Forest”, the Year 1 children have made their own castles with an opening door and a drawbridge which they can move up and down. They have found out about the different parts of a castle and who used to live in them during medieval times. The children are now busy turning their role play corner into a castle so they can re-enact the castle stories we have covered in English, as well as making up their own.


Autumn 1

Do you believe there is such a thing as a Gruffalo?

The Year 1 children do!

The children have used the Gruffalo story and song for lots of cross curricular learning this half term. They have investigated and used adjectives from the story in English and have completed lots of number, shape and measures work related to the story characters in Maths. As the Gruffalo lives in a deep dark wood, the children have explored, measured and identified trees in the school grounds, as part of their Science work.